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Our laying hens are free range (sometimes too free range) and have ample room to forage. There are no GMO products or soy in their feed – just locally grown certified organic grains that we grind ourselves.

2 reviews for Organic Eggs

  1. Deb Taillefer (verified owner)

    The spring is upon us and the eggs take on this deep golden colour. The yolks are so rich so we know that the chickens are happy in their environment and eating their fill off the land. These eggs are the best! Deb T

  2. Deb Taillefer (verified owner)

    These eggs are the best and such an important part of our nutrition! We are grateful that we can trust the chickens are treated humanely, truly free range, able to do the things that chickens love to do and eat what they love to eat. Your quality methods are producing happy chickens which produce delicious eggs that make a great start to our day!

    Deb T

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