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100% Grass-Fed Beef

Our cattle graze lush, intentionally managed pastures that have been certified organic since 1990. We practice rotational grazing in the summer and bale grazing in the winter – regenerative grazing practices that enhance pasture quality and sequester carbon in the soil. Increased soil carbon drastically improves the water retention capacity of the soil and provides habitat for the soil micro-organisms that sustain our perennial pastures.

We raise Galloways – a heritage breed of cattle originating in the 17th century to flourish in the harsh climate of the Galloway region of Scotland. They can be black, brown, white, or belted and have a longer coat that makes them perfectly suited for Alberta winters. Galloways are renowned for their juicy, tender, and delicious meat that is naturally lean but well marbled. The flavour of Galloway beef consistently places at the top of the chart
when compared to other breeds.

Our Galloways are 100% grass-fed, graze diverse pastures in the summer, and munch on organic hay in the winter. 100% grass-fed beef is richly flavoured and loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins, and phyto-nutrients that improve metabolism, cardiovascular health, and reduce inflammation.

Homestead beef is good for you and great for the planet!

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If you would like specific cuts, then come see us at the Grande Prairie Farmer's Market or send us an email and we'll customize a box for you.

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