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Organic Chicken

Did you know that chicken is a seasonal meat? It is if it is raised on pasture! That’s why we only raise chickens in the summer – so they can nibble on grass, chase bugs, and
enjoy fresh air and sunshine. We buy our chickens as day old chicks so they can eat certified organic feed from day one, meaning no GMOs or antibiotics.

For years we hauled our chickens 6+ hours to the last remaining poultry processing facility in Alberta that accepts small flocks but in 2023 we decided to build our own facility on the farm to eliminate the stress of travel and control when and how our birds are processed. When the time comes, they are processed humanely on our farm under our On-Farm Slaughter License. The way this license works is that you buy the live chicken, and we butcher it for you. This is why we ask
for deposits.

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These are deposits, NOT the price of the bird.

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