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Who are we?

We’re the Kitts, the farmers behind The Homestead, a diverse organic farm nestled in the boreal forest west of Goodfare, Alberta. Check out the video below for a virtual farm tour and so see what we’re all about!

We were both raised on organic farms and were finding it increasingly challenging to find food produced to the high standards we had become accustomed to growing up. We’re committed to producing nutrient-dense, ethical, and environmentally responsible food that we’re proud to feed to our family and community.

Situated between the arable prairie of the Peace Country and a wilderness extending to the Pacific Ocean, our farm has been certified organic since 1990. With growing nutrient-dense food as our focus, our beef and bison are 100% grass fed, our chickens free-range in fresh air and sunshine, and our pigs are rotated through lush, diverse pastures. In addition to organic meat we also produce magnificent eggs, nutritious microgreens, powerful garlic, and flavourful vegetables.

Virtual farm tour

This short documentary was filmed in 2021 and beautifully captures the abundance on the farm during the growing season.

Where We Started

A couple months after we started dating, Donovan bought a quarter section a 5 minute drive from where he grew up. “So…I know it’s kind of a big question, but I just bought a farm. How would you feel about farming together?”.

We’ve since sold that farm to some friends, had a couple of kids, and expanded onto Donovan’s family farm. Fortunately, our neighbour is a talented filmmaker who captured our early days in this video.

the beginning of the homestead

Our talented neighbor made this short documentary of us as we were just starting our farming journey.

Our Promise to you

We promise to provide nourishment by continuing to be responsible stewards of our land and provide the tastiest, most nutritious, and environmentally responsible food possible.

We strive to make buying from a small local farm as as convenient as going to the grocery store so we offer subscriptions and different packages that we’ll deliver to your door. By supporting The Homestead, you’re not just helping our family realize our dream of producing nutrient-dense food for our community, your support is part of a much larger picture that includes the following:

Improving food security in the Peace Country – In an area of agricultural abundance, there actually aren’t many food producers. We’d be honoured to be your farmers or help connect you with other regenerative farmers in the area.

Growing healthy food for healthy people – We owe our livelihood to the top six inches of our farm. We’re committed to constantly improving the heath of our soil. Every steak, bite of spinach, and poached egg from our farm will be tastier and more nutritious the following year because as our soil improve, so does the nutrition and flavour of the food it produces. After all, we are what we eat.

Putting the ‘culture’ back in agriculture – Food and its seasonality deserves to be celebrated. Almost every meal we make is meticulously prepared with products grown or foraged within our community and we acknowledge the hard-working people that grow the food that sustains us. A love of food is one thing we all have in common and is a beautiful way to cultivate community. Cook together, share recipes, organize a canning bee, challenge yourself by eating seasonally and locally.

We are honoured to be your farmers and can’t thank you enough for choosing to support local, regenerative agriculture.

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