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This is a deposit for 12 organic, pastured chickens – perfect for families that cook one chicken per month! We only raise them in the summer when the pastures are green and lush so can they nibble on grass and chase bugs like chickens were meant to. When the time comes, they are processed humanely on farm under our On-Farm Slaughter License. The way this licence works is that you need to buy the live chicken and we can butcher it for you. This is why we’re asking for deposits.

Don't have the freezer space for 12 chickens? We do and would be happy to store some for you. Let us know how many you would like up front and how many you would like stored.

Chickens average 6 lbs and are $6.95/lb. We grow two batches that are ready in early July and late September. When you receive your chickens, your deposit will be applied, and the remaining balance will be due.


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