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Organic Microgreens

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  • Weekly Veggie Box

    $25.00 / week
    Love fresh organic veggies? We love growing them! This box changes with…
  • Pea Shoots

    Fresh, nutritious, and delicious, our organic pea shoots are an excellent addition…
  • Homestead Brunch

    Here is everything you need to wow your friends and family with…
  • Sunflower Shoots

    Fresh, nutrient dense, and delicious – organic sunflower shoots take sandwiches, salads,…
  • Radish Shoots

    Fresh, zesty, and delicious, organic radish shoots add a kick to sandwiches,…
  • Basil Shoots

    Would you like fresh basil on that? YES!
  • Broccoli Shoots

    Fresh, zesty, and delicious, broccoli shoots are a nutritional home run!