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The ground beef box has 20 lbs of our organic, 100% grass-fed, ground beef in 1 lb packages. You save 10% off by buying in bulk.

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The best way to try our organic beef, pork, bison, or chicken! The contents of the box varies but you'll receive a wide assortment of pasture raised, nutrient-dense meat.


Deposit for a side of 100% grass fed, organic Galloway beef cut exactly how you want it! The price is based on the hanging weight (average 290 lbs) and is $7.49/lb. We pay for the...


Do you love the flavour profile and nutritional benefits of grass-finished beef? Here's a box that has a bit of everything! 5 packages ground beef 1 package of beef patties 1 roast (chuck or round)...

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Fill your freezer with delicious, nutrient-dense grass finished beef! Our cows are raised on lush, diverse pastures that have been certified organic for over 30 years. Buying in bulk is the most affordable way to...

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Use in soups, stews, rice, carnitas, or enjoy on its own. Beef bone broth is great in everything! Made with organic beef bones, organic apple cider vinegar, organic garlic, and sea salt.


Our cattle graze lush, responsibly managed pastures that have been certified organic since 1990. Grass-fed and finished beef is richly flavoured and is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and anti-oxidants. Good for you, great for...


Experience flavours from all over the world with our International Bundle! Here's what you can look forward to: Bratwurst sausage Italian sausage Chorizo sausage Donair sausage Boerewors sausage Thai ground pork Mexican ground pork Italian...

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We know it can be tricky cooking for little ones so we’ve created a box especially for them. These are a few of our kid’s favourites and we hope your kids will love them too!...

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