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Nourishing our land

to nourish you.

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Organic and regenerative meat, eggs, and vegetables.

Food that is great for you and great for our planet.

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Welcome to The Homestead

Situated between the arable prairie of the Peace Country and a wilderness extending to the Pacific Ocean, our farm has been certified organic since 1990. With growing nutrient-dense food as our focus, our beef are 100% grass fed, our chickens free-range in fresh air and sunshine, and our pigs are rotated through lush, diverse pastures. In addition to organic meat we also produce magnificent eggs, nutritious microgreens, powerful garlic, and flavourful vegetables.

Our promise to you is to provide nourishment by continuing to be responsible stewards of our land and provide the tastiest, most nutritious, and environmentally responsible food possible.

We are honoured to be your farmers and can’t thank you enough for choosing to support local, regenerative agriculture!

Bring our farm to your door

We have several subscription boxes that we can deliver to your door at a frequency that works for you. This is the easiest way to keep your home stocked with local, nutritious food from our farm!

Homestead Boxes

We have a farm box for everyone! Whether you're looking for a mix of everything or just sausages, beef, or pork - we have a box you'll love.

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