The fact that we have a farm of our own is beginning to sink in.  Lisa and I have not farmed land of our own until this year and now have the opportunity to put down roots, both figuratively and literally.  I recently had an epiphany while attending a workshop on cold climate forest gardens.  Prior to the workshop, I was under the impression that if you desired fruit and nut trees on your farm, you should move to the Okanagan.  Then I recalled the time my ladder fell over leaving me stranded while picking apples for cider from my Grandparent’s tree.  In Grande Prairie.  Only 80 km from The Homestead.  The cider was forgettable but the wheels are in motion – a forest garden on the Homestead.

Moose pruning fruit trees at The Homestead

Shortly after the course, my off farm job picked up and I was only able to spend a handful of days at home over the next couple months.  During that time I started on the stockpile of the literature I’ve been saving for the winter to read.  A book that I’ve found very inspiring is Restoration Agriculture by Mark Shepard, who has converted much of his farm to a food forest.  Near the garden plot at The Homestead we have saskatoons, raspberries, haskap, and seabuckthorn and I’d like to try some more varieties of fruit and nut trees.

I don’t recall telling that to Santa, but he brought me a couple of apple trees for Christmas!  A friend told me that the best time to plant a tree is 25 years ago and the second best time is today.  I think I’ll wait until spring.  Any fruit or nut tree recommendations that do well in the Peace Country?


All the best in 2017,

The Homestead

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  1. We are aligned in our thinking it seems! Two years on our land and this past spring we planted burr oaks, lindens, buckeyes, a variety of willows and maples…all purchased from a wonderfully small and well loved tree farm out of edmonton named sherwoods forest. We were fortunate enough to buy land with apples, plums, cherries, raspberries and native pin cherries and hazelnuts. The possibilities are endless. If you folks want Evans cherry suckers or raspberry suckers just let us know. Also check out little tree out of Saskatchewan. ..lots of fruit trees.

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