The chickens of The Homestead spend their summers exploring pasture and living life the way chickens should.  They nibble on grass and scratch in the soil looking for bugs.

When the snow flies they move into their winter home, affectionately called The Egg Chalet.  It is a load bearing straw-bale building constructed mostly of recycled materials.

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Essentially we are dirt farmers.  We draw on centuries of wisdom to create productive, mineral balanced, and alive soil through crop rotations and applications of well-aged compost.

The certified organic, nutrient-dense, flavourful vegetables are the result.

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Pastured Pork

Pigs have two purposes on The Homestead.  They act as an important tool known to many as the rototiller.  The snouts on these pigs are free to dig up roots and stir the soil at will.  We have successfully used them on our gardens to eliminate weed pressure, and in the bush to keep re-growth at bay.   Pigs are also a nutrient-dense food source.  One notable nutrient is the vitamin D found in their fat, due to the fact that they are raised outside in the sun all year round.


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Building fences for bees is pretty much impossible.

One of the many reasons we chose our location is the wilderness that surrounds The Homestead.  This wilderness combined with the abundance of certified organic land in the area results in thousands of acres of bee forage that are free from sprays and genetically modified crops.

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Packed with nutrients and loaded with flavor, we have three main shoot varieties to choose from.  Peas, which taste just like peas; Radish, that pack a punch with one little shoot; and, Sunflower, which has a deliciously juicy stem and tastes a bit nutty.

These little treats are great on sandwiches, salads, soups, stir-fry, pizza, and soo much more.

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100% Grass-Fed Beef

At The Homestead we raise Belted Galloway cattle.  They are raised over 28 months to give you a fine eating experience.  The diet consists of grass in the summer and dried grass, in the form of hay, throughout the winter months.  This provides the meat with healthy fats and great marbling.

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We specialize in growing garlic at The Homestead.  We sell fresh garlic throughout the year at the Grande Prairie Farmer's Market.  You can also purchase seed garlic in the fall. We have three varieties available this year Music, Red Russian, and Georgian Fire.


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Grande Prairie Farmers Market

Find us every Friday from 4-7 and Saturday from 10-3 at the Grande Prairie Farmer's Market located downtown Grande Prairie!

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Caramel and Carrots
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