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Our Vision

Our vision is to nourish the bodies and minds of our community and celebrate local food by creating a relationship between the farmer and the consumer.

Homestead Love

Our Approach

Our Story

How it all began

The Homestead is a certified organic farm situated between the arable prairie of the Peace Country and a wilderness that extends all the way to the Pacific Ocean. It was started by Lisa and Donovan Kitt, two young farmers passionate about growing their own food.  Before Lisa and Donovan’s paths converged, their lives shared many similarities: they both grew up on organic farms, left to attend university, and developed a passion for food security. After graduation, they returned to their family’s farms to start their own enterprises.

Lisa and Donovan first met at a Holistic Management course in the Peace Country. Only a year and a half later, they purchased a quarter section of land that is now THE HOMESTEAD.  They live simply in a log cabin powered by the sun, heated with a wood stove, and by producing as much of their own food as possible.